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Idea Behind KisanKatta:-

Kisan is a Hindi word which means farmer, Katta is also a Hindi words which means the place in village where people gather and have a discussion on their farming. Combining this two words Kisan and katta we have came with the idea of KisanKatta where all kisan ( Farmers) will get there farming related discussion about crop and new technology in farming or products related under one place which is Idea Behind of kisankatta.

In our logo having one icon in two triangles which is indicate to our Indian KISAN (Farmers) there is no limitation of things, it was design in two colors one is Green and saffron, Green color is indicate faith, fertility and prosperity and Saffron color is indicate strength and courage of Kisankatta its means our Indian Farmers.

We are very much thankful to the farming community for giving us this great opportunity to serving the mother land by Organic Agriculture which enhances the health / fertility of soil, plant, animal, human and planet as one and inseparable plants can be protected from diseases and pests without the use of harmful synthetic substance. We constantly work on exploring new areas for developing innovative formulations and we keep upgrading our present formulation in our organic product.

We study the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats our business may face on a regular basis and our movements further are based on the SWOT analysis. We monitor all our operations through a well devised management information system reports. We have a dedicated team to take care of our manufacturing, quality assurance, finance, administration, Sales and other activities.

Core Value

KisanKatta is guided by a set of core values that define the way we do the business. They represent the core priorities in our organization's culture and inspire our efforts to create a successful organization.

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We are pleasure to inform you KisanKatta was established in 2017. (Formerly known as the name of AGZOTECH AGRO PRIVATE LIMITED) with the passion to put knowledge is creating Innovation, ideas, and technology in our product.